What is Prime Time?


The goal of Prime Time Tips is to give community drivers a greater incentive to drive when the community needs them most.

We Heart Drivers

We created Prime Time Tips solely to benefit riders and drivers. 100% of the extra tips given during Prime Time will go directly to drivers. Lyft is the only company that does not take any fees from extra ride tips at peak times.

How does it work?

When the ride requests from passengers greatly outnumber available drivers on the road, our system will automatically turn on Prime Time. When Prime Time is in effect, you'll see a "Prime Time" icon on the map on the home screen of the Lyft app. You'll also receive a notification that Prime Time is in effect before you confirm a Prime Time ride request. We'll show you the percentage of the Prime Time tip before you commit to the ride. 

Prime Time

When does Prime Time happen?

Prime Time is completely dynamic, meaning the system can go in and out of Prime Time at any time as demand for rides rises and falls. Our system will switch into Prime Time during our very busiest hours, if ride requests outnumber available drivers on the road.

How is my ride affected if Prime Time starts or ends when my ride has already started?

If a ride is already in progress when Prime Time kicks in, the ride won't be affected by Prime Time. Likewise, once a Prime Time ride begins, the entire ride will count for Prime Time regardless of whether Prime Time ends while the ride is in progress. Your ride will never be affected by Prime Time unless we notify you that it is Prime Time before you confirm your ride request.

How much is added during Prime Time?

The Prime Time Tip will vary based on demand and you will always know the percentage before confirming your request.

Is Lyft still affordable during Prime Time?

We gave this idea a lot of thought and believe that by not taking a fee and giving all extra benefit to drivers, we fully align ourselves with the community in maintaining high ride availability at the best possible price. By supporting your community drivers with Prime Time Tips, you'll bring more drivers out at our busiest hours, making it easier for you to get a ride.

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